Soar through the air with the only Ibiza water
sport where you don’t need to get wet!


All safety measures are in place

Rest assured, we are following every single industry health measure. Enjoy your experience safely with Jimmy Mambo Parasailing. All passengers wear masks where they cannot have 1,5metres distance assured, and we disinfect the boat after each trip.

Parasailing with Jimmy’s
Mambo Parasailing

The most exciting way to see San Antonio Bay and beyond!

Soaring high above the beautiful island of Ibiza, taking in the beauty of the beach, the water, and the sky! You can go parasailing alone or in tandem with one or two others, usually up to Captain Jimmy’s discretion as he will always put your safety first. The thrill of the ride and Jimmy’s fun filled banter will have you chatting about it for months!!

Our boats have complete hydraulic winches that ease you into the air right off the back of the boat and then reel you back in when your ride is complete.

Our crew led by the charismatic Captain Jimmy is there to take care of YOU! If you have any concerns at all Jimmy will put all your worries to rest with his knowledge and extensive experience of boat and parasail safety.

We provide the best and safest parasail rides on the island of Ibiza. Take in the beauty of San Antonio Bay from a whole new perspective…above!

A fun and easy to do Ibizan water sport, parasailing transports you to another place.

Close your eyes and imagine the gentle wind in your hair as you sit comfortably beneath the canopy of the parasail gliding along on a magical adventure.


Looking for something to do near to you in San Antonio Bay, Ibiza?

Enjoy panoramic views of the island as you fly over the sparkling waters on a parasailing adventure to remember.

Hop aboard your boat with friends and family, soar up into the blue, blue sky with one or two other people and enjoy breath-taking views. Float on the warm Mediterranean breeze. Feel the air.


Take in the stunning, bird’s-eye views of San Antonio Bay
and experience the island of Ibiza from an entirely new
and exciting perspective.


When you return to the boat after your flight, sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery
and marine life around you. Chilling out on an Ibiza boat with the warm summer
air is one of the best water activities Ibiza has to offer.

Our experienced and professional staff will keep you safe at all times and
ensure you enjoy every moment.

Join us to experience the best water activity in San Antonio Bay.


Sarah Sahara
August 25, 2017

“A friend and I were in on a parasailing tour today, and it was amazing. The Crew, Jimmy, Javier and Bianca totally nice and helpful. Great mood on the boat with music. Breathtaking view, when you fly above the coast. Video thanks to go pro also great and the photos are also a great memory.”

Martin O'Boyle
June 25, 2017

“Was with Jimmy last year was absolutely brilliant experience can’t wait to do it again this year flying to ibiza Wednesday this will be my third time with Jimmy”

Warren Clark
July 12, 2017

“Our second time… Two years ago Jimmy and his team made it a fantastic experience and this year was just as great…Many thanks Jimmy you’re a top bloke!!!”

Caroline Courtney
July 11, 2017

“Brilliant parasailing experience for myself and my 9-year-old daughter …excellent facilities, clean boat, friendly professional staff!”

Michelle Fouracres
June 24, 2017

“What a fab way to end my holiday Jimmy and his team are fantastic… Fantastic views of Ibiza. Would fly again Thank you! Xx”

Reema Khanna
June 5, 2017

“Amazing experience with lovely people at service!”

Diane Peacock
October 13, 2019

“Very friendly great experience”

October 13, 2019

“Last ride of the season! Absolutely amazing Thankyou jimmy and bianca 

September 3, 2019

“today we’ve had a great expierince with Bianca and Jimmy, awsome flight over the meditiranian sea with the parasail. i only can recommend this couple for parasailing great!!!”

Take one of our sensational San Antonio Bay by Sunset boat and parasail rides and you can enjoy the spectacle and awe of the Ibizan scenery and glistening coastlines as it’s gently kissed by the rich colours of our famed San Antonio sunset. Sit back, breathe out and take in the wonders of San Antonio’s spectacular sun set as you soar along. With gentle dry take offs and landings, you will find this Ibiza parasailing sensation to be an exhilarating yet safe way to have a true Ibiza water adventure.


Are you ready?