Your flight begins seated on the back deck of the parasailing boat with a friend. In seconds you are pulled smoothly into the air to fly, enjoying the view of the San Antonio Beaches from high above the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean.

Stunning scenery isn’t all you get to see, as you look across the water to the horizon don’t forget to look down occasionally, you may well spot some marine life swimming along below the surface. Your awe-inspiring flight will last approximately 10-15 minutes and the entire activity from Port to Port takes 1-2 hours (depending on the number of people on the boat).Final del formulario

If you’ve been parasailing before, you’ll know you’re in for an awesome adventure. And if you haven’t, well, there’s a fabulous experience ahead for you. All that is required of you is to relax, soak up the experience of flying along the stunning coastline and enjoy the bird’s eye view gliding, beneath the canopy, between sky and sea.

All on board must be over 12 and be able to swim. we only take bookings for 2 people or more, no single bookings.

You will fly at an altitude of 300 – 400m so you’ll be abe to get the best possible views of San Antonio Bay, the Island of Ibiza and the sparkling Mediterranean sea. All too soon, it seems, Captain Jimmy will gently land you on your feet back on the deck of your parasailing boat. For those that opt to get wet, and for an additional boost of fun, Jimmy finishes by dipping you into the water (ONLY On Request).

For the very brave ones, you can choose to try an upside down near the water. After which the crew will land you back gently and safely on the platform of the boat bubbling with excitement and full of memories to last you a lifetime.



Your safety is our absolute number one priority. Our boats and all flying equipment parasails, harnesses and flyer bars are all fully maintained, and safety checked daily to insure and maintain our perfect safety record.

Before boarding you’ll receive a safety briefing and don your life jacket. Then you’ll board your boat from the safety and convenience of the Port, so you won’t even need to get wet.

Our experienced Captain and fully trained deckhands will now take you out to sea and make sure you have the most enjoyable and safest Ibizan parasailing experience.

As you cruise out, as well as entertaining you, Captain Jimmy and his crew will give you tips for a super smooth take-off from the boat. When you reach the “Fly Zone” you will be harnessed up to a tandem parasail the crew will check everything is correct and you’ll be ready to fly. From the platform of your boat you are gently winched into an unforgettable experience in the blue skies above the Bay of San Antonio.

At the completion of your ride you will be winched back onto the boat platform. This ‘cable/winch deck landing’ is the safest way to parasail.

Please note, you must be able to swim to come out on the boat

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Sarah Sahara

A friend and I were in on a parasailing tour today, and it was amazing. The Crew, Jimmy, Javier and Bianca totally nice and helpful. Great mood on the boat with music. Breathtaking view, when you fly above the coast. Video thanks to go pro also great and the photos are also a great memory.

Martin O'Boyle

Was with Jimmy last year was absolutely brilliant experience can’t wait to do it again this year flying to ibiza Wednesday this will be my third time with Jimmy

Warren Clark

Our second time… Two years ago Jimmy and his team made it a fantastic experience and this year was just as great…Many thanks Jimmy you’re a top bloke!!!

Caroline Courtney

Brilliant parasailing experience for myself and my 9-year-old daughter …excellent facilities, clean boat, friendly professional staff!

Michelle Fouracres

What a fab way to end my holiday Jimmy and his team are fantastic… Fantastic views of Ibiza. Would fly again Thank you! Xx

Reema Khanna

Amazing experience with lovely people at service!